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Farming and Agricultural Business Insurance

John Deere Tractor

 Farming is the largest industry in Pennsylvania. Most farms are family owned and operated. As your most valuable assets may be your barns and machinery, you can rely on Philip Baker Insurance Services to help plan for your future. “Growing with You” is our motto because as a fellow farmer, we know that success depends on understanding the ever changing agricultural business.

Our Farming Portfolio contains:

Barns and Farm Structures
     Barns and Farm Structures
Machinery, Tractors
    Machinery, Tractors


    Residence and Contents


Farm Markets

Roadside Stands

Farm Liability

Pollution Liability

Milk Contamination

Farm Umbrella

Commercial Automobile

Crop Insurance

Farm - Farm Coverage


  Your farm barns, buildings, silos, additional farm dwellings and other structures.
  Farm personal property including products, supplies, equipment, implements, tools and livestock.

Also included with certain limitations:

  Borrowed farm equipment
  Poultry and livestock coverage extensions
  Silo and silo unloader broadened coverage
  Unborn embryo coverage
  Farm extra expense
  Emergency and debris removal
  Pollutant cleanup and removal
  Farm signs
  Glass breakage in cabs
  Farm operations record
  Specified power failure loss assumption



  Added animal perils
  Fence coverage
  Reproductive materials
  Replacement cost - machinery
  Loss of earnings
  Agreed utility value - barns
  Weight of ice, rain, sleet, snow
  Special perils - barns and machinery
  Replacement cost
  Peak season coverage

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Did you know disability insurance can pay the cost to hire an employee while an insured is recovering from an injury?

Farm land in Pa.

Farming and Agricultural Business Insurance

 Farming is the largest industry in Pennsylvania. Most farms are family owned and operated. As your most valuable assets may be your barns and machinery, you can rely on Philip Baker Insurance Services to help plan for your future. “Growing with You” is our motto because as a fellow farmer, we know that success depends on understanding the ever changing agricultural business.
Our Farming Portfolio contains:

  • Residence & Contents
  • Barns and Farm Structures
  • Machinery, Tractors
  • Farm Markets, Roadside Stands
  • Hay and crop coverage

Crop Insurance
Crop Insurance is a program of the United States Department of Agriculture and is administered by the Risk Management Agency . Rain & Hail LLC is a managing general agency that provides crop insurance as authorized by the Risk Management Agency. As an agent for Rain & Hail LLC, we provide Crop Insurance to farmers in Pennsylvania. Rain and Hail established in 1919 and operating in all 50 states has a solid foundation in insuring farmers from the perils that can devastate a crop thus destroying the income derived from the sale of the crop. Rain and Hail's premier service, financial strength and stability, responsive claims service, and the right products to manage today's risks positions Rain and Hail as a leader recognized worldwide.
Buying crop insurance is one tool in farming risk management.

Farmers should carefully consider how a policy will work in managing their best production outcome each year. The following are perils that Multi Peril Crop Insurance can provide for.

Multi Peril Crop Insurance Causes of Loss for small grains such as Corn, Soybean, Barley, Wheat, and Rye.

Adverse Weather Conditions (too much rain, too little rain, freeze, hail, to name a few)

Crop spraying

With the rising cost of spraying, farmers often choose to spray their own fields. They also benefit from choosing when the crops need spraying instead of waiting for the scheduled commercial sprayer. There are potential risks to accidental over spraying of neighbors fields due to wind or sudden and accidental discharge of chemicals from the spray unit. We will gladly explain how to protect your farm while benefiting from spraying your own crops.

Crop spraying

As Farming takes to the skies to provide the most effective spraying techniques in mature corn fields, it takes a trained insurance professional to steer you with the correct insurance coverage for today's modern farms.

Knowing when to make hay is enough of a gamble, don't risk your farm's profits by not being properly insured.  We can help design an affordable insurance plan just for you.  Why not give us a call?

Crop spraying
The Hesston 9260 are outfitted with increased horsepower and heavier components to reduce sound levels. Should this windrower pick up foreign material like barbed wire or rocks, it is important to have the correct coverage on your insurance. We are aware of the hazards that can happen and we will discuss your options to get the right coverage.


Insects, but not damage allowed because of insufficient or improper application of pest control measures

Plant Disease,but not damage allowed because of insufficient or improper application of pest control measures

Wildlife (deer damage is an example)


Volcanic eruption

Failure of the irrigation water supply

Adjusted Gross Revenue is a whole farm revenue protection plan. The plan provides protection against low revenue due to unavoidable natural disasters and market fluctuations that affect income during the insurance year.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture prohibits discrimination in all of its programs on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion,age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital status. As an agency who represents the USDA. in the crop insurance program, we comply with its requirements.

For more information about the value of Crop Insurance, contact us for a risk management review.

Farm - Home Coverage


Farm insurance is different then homeowners because the form or policy, which is regulated and authorized by the Pennsylvania State Insurance Department, has many different functions and provisions. One difference is that a homeowner policy excludes any commercial or business activity. By definition, farming, including horse farms are a business even if they are not making a profit. The reason the homeowner policy cannot provide for these activities is that it would be unfair to other people who are not involved in these activities to be part of this risk pool. Those activities like boarding horses, riding instruction and even private horse ownership entail an inherent risk that is much greater than a house on a quarter of an acre. Farms have larger acreage which from time to time have guest that are invited and trespassers that are not. The invited guest can get bit, stomped, or kicked by large livestock such as horses or cattle. Uninvited guests, which some consider trespasser can get injured while snowmobiling, hunting, or swimming in farm ponds. How can the farm owner be responsible for trespassers? We are whether it seems fair or not because it is how the courts look at bodily injury. Horses and cattle can also escape from their pasture or barn. When a 1000 pound or larger animal gets out on the road, and hit by a car, the car's damage and any bodily injury is the responsibility of the owner of the animal. Again, Livestock and horses are usually excluded from an unendorsed homeowner's policy. By the way, dog bites are the number one liability claim on homeowner policies. Many homeowner companies use a list of dogs that will make a home ineligible to insure if the owner has one of the dogs on that list. German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers, Pit Bull, and rotweillers are a few of these dogs. A farm policy may consider these dogs more favorably as some are work dogs and are commonly found there. Tractor accidents are also a risk found on a farm. Operating tractors can be very dangerous and also are a common liability claim. Many tractors drive on public roads towing large pieces of equipment. Impatient drivers often pass in the worst locations and usually claim the farmer cut them off. The liability whether at fault or not is provided by the farm policy.

Legal defense is costly. If a horse farm or crop farmer is sued the legal defense is included as part of the coverage on the policy. It is almost like have an attorney on a retainer.

Your home
Personal property
Related private structures
Additional living costs and loss of rents

Also included with certain limitations:

Inflation guard
Emergency and debris removal
Credit card, forgery, counterfeit money
Personal property replacement cost
Trees, shrubs, plants, lawns
Grave markers
Glass breakage
Outdoor radio, TV, satellite dish antennas
Well pumps
Private power and light poles
Refrigerator food spoilage

Available enhancements:

Backup of sewers, drains, sumps
Sprinkler leakage
Scheduled personal property: All risk for jewelry, guns, gems, furs
Business property
Expanded replacement cost terms

Farm - Personal Liability


You and your spouse, resident dependent relative, pets and farm animals

Pays for:

Damages due to bodily injury and/or property damages, for which you are legally liable, caused by an occurrence arising from or in the course of your personal or farming activities.
Reasonable medical expenses for bodily injury to visitors and guests on your farm.

Also included with certain limitations:

Defense and legal costs
Damage to property of others
Contracts and agreements
Personal injury
Sudden and accidental pollution liability
First aid expenses for others
Custom farm work
Fire legal liability

Available enhancements for purchase include:

Additional residences
Farms or structures rented to others
Care provided for others
Business activities
Office, professional, private school or studio on the farm premises
Employers liability only when Workers Comp does not apply
Custom farming
Recreational motor vehicles
Unregistered farm truck
Horse and carriage
Other incidental business pursuits


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Did you know disability insurance can pay the cost to hire an employee while an insured is recovering from an injury?

Modern day farming has become more efficient and because of  modern equipment it has become less physically demanding.  Just ask any farmer and he will tell you he works a 9-5 job just like anyone else.  With all kidding aside, Farming is as demanding on the farmer as  his responsibilities are greater and  trying to repair modern equipment is often only possible by highly trained professionals.  Nevertheless,  these photos, at a local Mertztown farm and the Kutztown Folk Festival ,  are excellent illustrations of a simpler time and back breaking work.  Progress seems so swift, and the "old days" are so far off that it is easy to forget where we came from.

Mertztown farm and the Kutztown Folk Festival

Mertztown farmer and the Kutztown Folk Festival

Mertztown farmer and the Kutztown Folk Festival

Mertztown farmer and the Kutztown Folk Festival

The Grain binder, being pulled by a Ford Jubilee tractor, was designed to be pulled by horses.  The Binder would harvest the grain, and tie the  shafts into sheaths.  The farmer would allow the sheaths to dry and then bring them to the thrasher.  The thrasher would remove the grain from the straw shafts and it would proceed up the conveyor to the holding area to be bagged.  The straw shafts are than placed in the baler to be compressed into bales that are easily and more efficiently stored than stacks of straw. The antique equipment was powered by the hit and miss engine that is a predecessor to the PTO that is part of modern tractors.

The Grain binder, being pulled by a Ford Jubilee tractor, was designed to be pulled by horses.

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Phil Baker Insurance Services, Inc. Located in Fleetwood Berks County, Pennsylvania, Phil Baker Insurance offers peace of mind. Equine & Horse Farms offer unique risks as the nature of horses are unpredictable and possibility of injury is inherent. We can help you with equine insurance for boarding in Pa. and equine insurance for training facility in Pa. or a startup boarding stable we can insure your farm with reliable equine insurance in Pa.coverage.

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Phil Baker is an agent representing Rain & Hail LLC. a division of ACE Indemnity which is rated Excellent by AM Best. Rain & Hail has been insuring farmers since 1919 and has an extensive line of agricultural insurance products including crop Insurance in the Pa. state and farm insurance Pa. The farm Insurance or agribusiness provides property coverage, liability coverage, and automobile insurance for commercial and private passengers. The also provide coverage for recreational vehicles and have an excess liability policy available. From family owned to complex corporate farms, we have a selection of programs to manage the risk of farming. Phil Baker represents Drive Insurance from Progressive. Drive Insurance provides competitive rates for Personal Automobile Insurance Pa., Commercial Automobile Insurance Pa., Recreational Insurance Pa., Motorcycle Insurance Pa., and Boat Insurance Pa. Progressive Insurance Pa. has been recognized by* Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” List. *This says much about the quality of Drive Insurance.

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